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Boun Giorno!
There's nothing quite like your first [or second or 300th] Biscotti Brothers biscotti, "granotti", or even pizzelle for that matter. As designers and developers, our natural habitat constantly contains large portions of coffee within arms reach and what better complement to that than biscotti. We can confidently and authoritatively conclude that your 300th Biscotti Brothers biscotti will still be as good as your first.
Traditional Italian baking is the driving force behind everything Biscotti Brothers Bakery creates and we understood that the "Traditional Italian" feel needed to extend to their website as well. A cultured and worldly website was created and delivered, much to the delight of the Biscotti Brothers staff who were immediately bombarded with orders for traditional homemade biscotti. 

Nuts & Bolts

  • Website design
  • Product photography
  • Drupal website development
  • Ubercart module integration
  • Design of printed folders and product data sheets