• Plywerk homepage
  • Top level products detail
  • Pricing is displayed in form of a nice, sturdy grid.

Plywerks are bamboo photo mounting boards, sustainably hand-manufactured by sandal-wearing, tofu-eating bike-riders. What else do expect out of Portland, Oregon these days? And, for that matter, is there anything MORE Portland?

No, no there's not.

But, why come all the way to Pittsburgh to get a website built? Well, aside from our obviously biased, highfalutin opinion of ourselves and our work from which you'll be spared, instead of competition, we like to think of Pittsburgh and Portland as friendly sister cities. On visiting Pittsburgh to kick things off, we're inclined to think they agreed. And thus, a beautiful relationship was born as well as a gorgeous and progressively-built website.

I mean, you add your products, shipping, and get your total on one single page? Crazy right? Just crazy enough to work we thought. And work it did.

In the year following the new site launch, Plywerk nearly doubled their sales from the prior year, received countless web and media nods, and were featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine. They loved it, we loved it. It was one big blue-collar, flower-child love-fest. I don't even know what that means, but it was great.

Nuts & Bolts

  • Custom website development
  • Custom two-step checkout
  • and Paypal gateway integration
  • Postmark email delivery integration
  • Custom gift certificate and discount integration